For Authors

Please, use the CMT system for the registration and submitting all necessary materials, communication with the organizers and reviewing the articles.

Working languages of this conference are Russian, Belarusian and English.

Paper formatting

Papers submitted for publication in the conference proceedings should be written in English.

Papers formatted in accordance with the provided template, are accepted until March 13.

Paper formatting template

Paper formatting recommendations

List of references formatting

Papers should fit into even number of A4 pages (21 cm (8.27 in) x 29,7 cm (11.69 in)). Four full pages is a minimum size of a paper. Papers that are over 6 pages in size should be approved by a Program Committee via the e-mail.

Please pay attention to the following guidelines when structuring your affiliation information

  • Author(s) name(s) should be provided in full, followed by an unabbreviated name of their organization (e.g., Massachusetts Institute of Technology and not MIT);
  • Affiliation should be geographically complete – aside from organization’s name, it should state its geographical location (city, zip code, and country).

To facilitate double-blind review process, authors should neither state their names, nor affiliations in first versions of the papers they submit to the CMT site.

After completing the review process, if the paper was accepted for publication, authors should submit final version of their paper with full affiliation information and annotations in Russian and English, using the Camera Ready Submission Form.

Please note that the abstract (150 words) should briefly describe the following parameters presented in the article: goal, method, results, conclusion.

Program Committee will consider up to two papers in which the particular person is an author or a co-author.

Editorial board reserves the right to format submitted papers, but they will not edit them. They will preserve all the peculiarities of the author's writing style, including any inaccuracies.

Review and publication process

Papers are reviewed by independent experts.

The review will be conducted from March 14 to March 27 included. Reviews and the answer about the acceptance of the article for publication you can see also in the CMT system.

Upon successful review author sends a letter of consent to the Organizational Commitee. Author therefore agrees that his paper can be made freely available in electronic form at other resources at the Editorial Board's discretion. Scanned copy of the letter should be submitted to the e-mail. Original letter should be sent via snail mail to the following address:

Educational establishment "Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radioelectronics",
Department of Intelligent Information Technologies
ul. P. Brovki, d.6 
220013, g. Minsk 
Authors can also provide their letters of consent upon arrival to the conference.

Letter of consent

Organizational Committee does not charge for paper publication. Advertisements and papers sponsored by production companies and/or their distributors, will be declined.

Published papers do not necessarily reflect Program Committee's and Editorial Board's points of view.

Review algorithm

This year, reviews are conducted in a double-blind manner. The review algorithm is as follows:

  1. Every incoming paper is subject to the structure, formatting and subject appropriateness checks. If primary requirements are not met, the paper is rejected with Desk Reject status. Otherwise, the paper advances to a second step in the review process.
  2. Review. Two reviewers are assigned to each paper.
    1. If both reviews are positive (Accept/Accept) the paper is sent to a meta-reviewer for their final decision;
    2. If either (or both) of review decisions are Send for Revision, and the other is Accept, then the paper is sent back for revision; revised paper is then sent for a meta-review;
    3. If either of the decisions is Reject, then the paper will be sent back for revision; revised paper will then be sent for a meta-review, which in this case is conducted by two meta-reviewers;
    4. If both decisions are Reject, then the paper is rejected.
    Please note!
    Papers that were not accepted for publication during the second step of the review process, receive the Reject status. If the paper is accepted during the latter review steps, it will have its status changed to Accept.
  3. Meta-review. Every paper goes through a meta-review process, after which it gets Accepted or Rejected.

Authors should revise their papers in accordance with the reviewers' suggestions, during March 27 to April 3 time window, and then submit their final paper to the CMT site. Meta-review will be carried out during April 3 to April 6 time window. If the paper gets accepted for publication, author should submit final, full version of their paper (with affiliations and annotations in both Russian and English) using the Camera Ready Submission form.

Please note the following

  1. Article bibliography should only be prepared using Latin font. Therefore, references to articles in Russian should either be translated or transliterated.
  2. Article bibliography cannot include less than 10 sources.
  3. Self-citation rate cannot exceed 20%.

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